My name is Cameron Wylie.  I have been a professional piper for over 50 years.  I received my advanced piping instruction for over six years with the great  Gold Medalist John Wilson of Toronto while playing in the City of Toronto Pipe Band as well as other bands in the Toronto area.

Born in Paisley, Scotland  my career really began during my apprenticeship in machining and toolmaking in London.  During my apprenticeship, I successfully completed my studies in Industrial Engineering which led to my eventual career as an aerospace Tool Designer.

My love of the Highland Bagpipe and my skills on the drawing board and the lathe have led me down a forty year road of discovery of the techniques required to improve the sound of this unique instrument.

The Bagpipe Clinic is the culmination of this journey and  its' goal is the improvement in quality of sound of almost  ANY set of bagpipes. 

In addition to correcting pipes from other makers to sound and play better,  I manufacture my own custom bagpipes, chanters and a unique free flowing adjustable blowpipe that are used by pipers around the world.
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