Wylie Superfinish (TM)
A large number of  bagpipes are made of very good quality African Blackwood but they cannot rise to their full potential because the drone bores have been done without proper regard to straightness, roundness or  finish quality.  In most cases these hinderences to superior tone can be rectified.
The Wylie Superfinish Process (TM) corrects any deficiencies in drone bore quality and produces a mirror finish similar to that of a rifle bore.  The result is pipes that sound better, tune easier and "lock in tune".  The Piper will also notice an increase in tonal volume without any increase in effort to play.
Depending on the number of jobs I have , it generally takes seven working days for me to complete superfinishing your pipes.  I only need your drones, so please do not ship your stocks, bag , blowpipe or cords.
                                                      PRICE - $300.00 US
I also can expertly repair almost any problem you have with your pipes including cracked stocks and drones, breakage and repair, replacement or addition of mounts. 
Please contact me for a price quote.  All repairs must be shipped via UPS only.